Treating Fire Damage with an Ozone Generator

The fire was hot, the smoke rose rapidly and filled the entire property coating every surface with a black soot. There was a time, not long ago when tearing everything out of a fire loss job was the only way to get rid of a post fire smell. The smoke wedged deep in various porous materials, filling every exposed crack and crevasse it came in contact with. All burnt materials were quickly removed, the black tar like soot that covered the surfaces was wiped down and removed. We thought the job was done and the smell would slowly dissipate to provide a comfortable living atmosphere once again. Boy were we wrong.

Prior to learning about ozone shock treatments using the Total Zone TZ-2 ozone generator, the guys would simply rip out the entire interior of the structure and start rebuilding from the bottom up. We witnessed perfectly good drywall, wood, and tile being removed from the property and quickly filled up the very large dumpster that had been placed close outside. There has to be a way to salvage this perfectly good material and save so much time and labor. The homeowner had to stay in a hotel for months at a time while their property was being rebuilt. Ozone changed this.

It was simple and easy
After a good wipe down of all surfaces visible and not visible, most of the smoke residue was in areas that couldn’t be seen from ground level. When you think of smoke, you think hot and rising, but what about when it cools off? The smoke ash settled on the tops of the crown molding, cabinets, refrigerators, ect. Unfortunately the central air was on at the time of the fire, so smoke was taken throughout the entire duct system. There were a few steps taken to set up the ozone shock treatment.

As we entered the property, a very distinct smoke smell was present. We located the center of the property where the air conditioner’s return was and removed the air filter. All windows were sealed shut and all ceiling fans were turned on high. As we walked the property and opened all interior doors, I passed by the air conditioning thermostat, set it to 76 degrees and the fan function to the on position. These simple steps created a low room temperature containment area with very good air movement. This is exactly what we needed for a high ozone shock treatment.

Now for the ozone treatment:
This specific property is about 2,200sq ft under air. This smoke issue in this amount of area was no match for our Total Zone TZ-2 ozone generator that is rated for 12,000 sq ft. The TZ-2 was plugged in within 10 feet of the open-air conditioner return and the timer was set for 8 hours. The TZ-2 was measured in a prior area about this size and reached high ozone levels of 10+ parts per million within the first hour. The property was vacated and an ozone treatment warning sign was placed on the exterior doors. We were now shocking the property with very high levels of ozone to rid the uncomfortable smoke smell. We allowed 2 additional hours to pass before entering the property, so a total of 10 hours from start to finish. We entered the property a second time to find to our delight a very clean, sterile smoke free environment. Our TZ-2 ozone generator was unplugged, a new filter was placed in the air handler, and what started out looking like a very severe backbreaking job was quickly completed with the use of a high powered ozone generator.