Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer

The Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer uses ultrasonic technology to produce a very fine cold water vapor. The Maximizer is placed right behind a Titan Hydroxyl Generator and will increase the direct intake of humidity which increases the hydroxyl production. The Maximizer will make your Titan 4000 perform as if it is on steroids.
Do not worry about raising the humidity on your job. A very interesting discovery was found during testing of the Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer was that the Titan 4000 will use the extra humidity from the Maximizer and does not raise the relative humidity in the room. Once the humidity is processed by the photocatalytic process it is no longer a water molecule and instead it is broken into a single hydrogen atom and a hydroxyl molecule. When the intake humidity was measured and compared to the humidity in the exhaust, there was a 15% to 40% drop in the humidity level. The Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer will hold enough water to run for 4 to 5 days.


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