Ozone Generator Technology

Ozone Generator Technology

Ozone(O³) is a supercharged form of oxygen (O²). An oxygen (O²) molecule that we breath has 2 oxygen atoms. Oxygen is naturally transformed into ozone by nature using lighting strikes and the UV rays from the sun striking the atmosphere of the earth. Ozone has been used as earth’s natural sanitizer for millions of years. Ozone is an unstable molecule meaning it cannot be saved or stored. Ozone must be created on site and will naturally revert back to oxygen in a matter of minutes.
The depletion of the ozone layer in earths atmosphere id refeed to as a hole in the ozone layer. The ozone layer protects people on the earth form the suns harmful UV rays. Due to steps taken in the past 20 years, the pollutants coming from earth have slowly resided and the hole in the ozone layer has shown signs of recovery. Since life has begun, ozone has been oxidizing the decaying matter as a way to purify the earths atmosphere. Ozone is the earths guardian against the “greenhouse effect” due to burning fossil fuels, agricultural methane off gassing, and chemical dispersants that harm our planet.

Total Zone patented Ozone “Sp-Arc” Module

The Total zone “Sp-Arc” module is what makes Total zone stand out from the rest. This simple but very reliable part generates 10-20 times more ozone than the most comparable sized ozone plate. In the “Sp-Arc” module area you will find no exposed metal to corrode. Due to the fact that there is no metal in the ozone producing area of the Total Zone ozone generators, International Ozone can offer a lifetime output warranty that states, “If you ever feel your ozone generator is not running like it did when new, just ship it back to International ozone and it will be tuned up free of charge. No other ozone generator company has a warranty like this.
Total Zone corona discharge ozone generators are far superior than the leading competition. All other ozone generators on the market use the same outdated plate technology. Generally, an ozone plate is a ceramic piece of material with metal electrodes on each side. These electrodes with high voltage will fire to each other through the ceramic plate to create ozone. Metal electrodes exposed to ambient air in in ozone generator is the last way you would ever want to design an ozone generator. Ozone gas is very corrosive so the exposed metal electrodes will quickly corrode and need to be replaced.

What is 0³

Ozone or 0³ is one of the strongest oxidizing molecules known to man. By using ozone in a safe manner many issues can be resolved. Ozone that is generated outside will find and destroy outside contaminates like hydro carbons or methane gas. Ozone inside a structure, ozone is a great way to improve indoor air quality and overall quality of life. An ozone generator is used to generate ozone indoors. The ozone generator uses the oxygen atom as well as corona discharge or ultra violet (UV) light to create an ozone molecule. By using a UV lamp in the 185-254 nanometer wave length or an open high voltage arc with corona discharge module, ozone can be created. Corona discharge is the technology used to create very high levels of ozone. By using (UV) light or a high voltage arc that is passed through a glass or ceramic configuration an oxygen molecule is split into 2 separate oxygen atoms (O) and (O). Since the oxygen atom (O) is unstable it will bond itself with a remaining (O²) molecules and become and ozone molecules (O³).

How Ozone is Used

Ozone is used in a variety of applications. The main uses of ozone are air and water purification. For an indoor air quality issue, a high strength high volume ozone generator would be set up in a containment area. High amounts of ozone usually over 10ppm will be dispersed by additional air movers or the central AC unit. Typical run times for a severe issue can last as long as 12 hours. Ozone treatments average about 6-8 hours then can be repeated when necessary.
For liquid purification, a strong ozone generator is also needed. A liquid ozone generator is a low volume machine that typically has a small hose on the exhaust end to introduce ozone to the liquid. Liquids are tougher to introduce ozone to than gases. To properly introduce ozone to a liquid the ozone will need to be broken down into tiny bubbles. The smaller the bubbles the more the ozone gas can infiltrate the liquid. Since ozone is unstable in both gases and liquids the ozone molecule will revert back into oxygen within a matter of hours.

How Ozone is Different From Air Filtration

Air purifiers, ionizers and ozone generator are generally categorized as the same machine. This couldn’t be more inaccurate. An air purifier that uses filtration simply scrubs the air with the filter medium to remove particulate. An air ionizer works a bit different than an air purifier with a filter by charging the particles in the air electrically. Once the particles are charged (-) they are attracted to the plate in the ionizer that is charged the opposite charge (+). This generates a magnetic draw that traps the particles in the air ionizer.
An ozone generator is very different than both previously described machines. An ozone generator does not filter or charge particles in the air. Ozone generators create an unstable molecule called ozone (0³) that is dispersed into the air by a fan and attaches to particles. Once the ozone molecule attaches itself to the particle in the air it begins to oxidize or in other terms destroys the particle transforming the particle into Carbon dioxide(C0²).

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