Ozone Generator Applications

Disaster/Fire/Flood/Bio Restoration

Ozone is a very important tool for the disaster restoration industry. An ozone treatment is needed after a disaster because there are usually odors left behind that are signs of smoke damage, water damage and even mold growth. Ozone is a very strong oxidant that when used correctly can effectively remove odors caused by mold, smoke or any decaying organic materials. Ozone will destroy mold at its souce. Ozone is very efficient method for removing odors. An ozone treatment is very simple. Once a property is completely dry and all people and animals are removed, an ozone treatment can be started by closing all windows and doors and turning the ozone generator on. Once the ozone treatment is complete there is a 1-2 hour period before it is safe to reoccupy the property. During this period ozone will revert back to oxygen and once again it will be safe to occupy the structure.

Animal/Pet Odors

An ozone treatment is easy and will eliminate animal odors without artificial fragrances. People love their pets but living with a pet does not mean you need to live with their odors in your home, office, cars, RVs, ect. Pet odors can cling to your walls and also get into your furniture, carpets and even bedding materials. The entire area where a pet lives can be permeated with odors. Odors in smaller enclosed areas like cars or offices can be much stronger and will be much more noticeable by others like guests who are not pet owners. A simple solution to removing pet odors is an ozone shock treatment. You first remove all people and pets, run ozone for a calculated period of time, let ozone revert back into oxygen for approximately 1-2 hours after the generator has turned off, then return to a sterile odor free environment. For pet odors an ozone treatment will need to be done on a regular bases to continue to be successful with keeping up with the everyday odors.

Apartment Odors/ Hotels/Bed Bug Infestation

Many realtor or apartment managers use ozone to successfully remove odors from rental properties. By removing the odors with ozone, you can turn an undesirable property into a clean smelling sterile environment in a matter of days. Running ozone for a 2 day period 6-8 hours per day is a low cost option to create a very desirable living atmosphere. Ozone will remove smoke odors, mold odors, pet odors and also sterilize for microorganisms and bed bugs. Bed bugs are huge issue with apartment due to the close proximity to others. Bed bugs if not treated can quickly spread and infest entire buildings in just a few weeks. If caught in time and shocked with a strong ozone generator all bugs as well as their eggs will be killed and no longer able to spread. By using a strong ozone generator like the Total Zone TZ-2, a 15 hour period of 10 (PPM)parts per million of ozone repeated 2-3 times, you will quickly control the infestation and avoid any serious health issues caused by these pests.

Car/RV/Aircraft/Boat Odors

Ozone generators destroy all odors in any transportation vehicles. All vehicles will begin to have odors from continual use. Many things can cause odors in transportation vehicles. There are spills from food and beverages, tobacco fumes from smoking, pet and body odors as well as wet materials that cause mold growth. Ozone is extremely effective at eliminating odors in cars and other vehicles. The Total Zone TZ-1 is extremely effective vehicle odor eliminator because ozone (03) oxidizes odors at their source. When ozone fills the interior of the vehicle it begins oxidizing odors that cling to surfaces of the vehicle as well as cleaning out all AC air vents, cracks, and seat pockets. After a vehicle has been cleaned by vacuuming and wiping down, an ozone generator can now be used. Once the entire vehicle is dry the vehicle should be parked in the shade, started, and have the air conditioning mode on “MAX AC” or “recirculate”. The TZ-1 ozone generator can now be sat on the floor in the car and the timer turned to 30 minutes. Shut all doors and windows. Since a vehicle has a much smaller cubic area than a house or building it will take much less time to treat successfully.

Cigarette/Smoke Odors

A strong ozone generator like the Total Zone line of generators will permanently remove cigarette odors without using fragrances or expensive chemicals. Cigarette smoke is irritating to people with allergies and asthma. Smoke fumes as well as chemical vapors will spread into every crack and crevasse of a facility. Smoke will infiltrate clothing, upholstery, drapes, carpet, and most soft materials. Smoke in its most microscopic form will cover the ceiling, walls, closets, cabinets, fan blades, ect. Owners of commercial properties like apartments, rental houses, hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, auto detailers all benefit from Total Zones high ozone output for smoke removal of their facilities. Cigarette smoke is made up of many toxic gases and tar such as ammonia, phenol, and carbon monoxide. The smelly tar from the cigarette smoke becomes very sticky and will get stuck everywhere in a facility that smoke and air flow to, like inside air vents, furniture, walls and ceilings. To eliminate the smoke odors you must get the ozone to follow the same path the cigarette smoke did when hot and on the move. Close all windows and doors, set the air conditioner thermostat to 78 degrees with the fan function to “ON”. Make sure all people and pets are vacated and turn the Total Zone ozone generator timer to 8 hours. Severe smoke issues commonly need a second treatment, so repeat the process again and wait 1-2 hours once the ozone generator is off to safely reoccupy the facility.

Mold Removal

Ozone is very important in treating a mold infested facility. An ozone shock treatment kills mold, mildew, and funguses while eliminating dangerous airborne mycotoxins. The idea that ozone will kill mold is still up in the air for most people. The question you have to ask someone if they say ozone doesn’t kill mold is “Have you ever tried?” If you are someone that has used ozone to kill mold you know for a fact that it quickly oxidizes and kills any mold that comes in contact with the ozone molecule. Sometimes its hard to get ozone to the mold spore due to the mold growing behind a wall or in a duct system. There are different custom methods like over-pressurization, custom ducting, using powerful air movers to distribute the ozone. If there is a mildew or musty smell, there is a good chance that mold spores are present. Mold spores can rapidly reproduce by the billions and create severe health issues and damage to buildings as well as the buildings contents. To kill mold, you must close off the treatment area, remove all people and pets, turn the timer of the Total Zone ozone generator to 10 hours and vacate the facility. It can take several times longer to kill mold than your average household odor. After the ozone generator has complete its shock treatment, allow at least 1-2 hours for the ozone to revert back into oxygen before reoccupying the facility.

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