Hydroxl Generator Technology

Titan Hydroxyl Generators Are Green And Safe

Titan Hydroxyl Generators are 100% safe, green, non-ozone technology. Hydroxyls are an advanced technology that copy natures natural cleaning process for purifying the earth’s atmosphere. Hydroxyls destroy odors, severe viruses, harmful bacteria’s as well as VOCs. Titan technology uses no harmful chemicals or ozone in its hydroxyl generating process. Titan is a nontoxic green technology that is 100% safe for inhabited areas where human and animals are present.
Titan technology is the standard for hydroxyl production. This technology was designed to increase indoor air quality to be used in variety of jobs and applications. Titan is designed for occupied areas that contain people, pets, and plants. Hydroxyls are in essence a part of the water molecule, so no chemicals or pathogens are created during the process wile eliminating mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses in the air. Titan Hydroxyl technology will not damage any materials including, fine arts, vintage furniture, delicate clothing, or carpets and rugs.

What is OH?

Hydroyxl Radicals (OH) are molecules containing one oxygen atom (O) and one hydrogen atom (H). They are natural occurring molecules created in earths atmosphere that are safe for people, plants, and animals. When the sun’s ultra violet (UV) rays react with water vapor, Hydroxyl Radicals are formed.
Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) are very important for cleaning earths atmosphere and referred to as a detergent or disinfectant of the atmosphere. Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) in nature naturally kill viruses, bacteria, as well as mold. They also oxidize or break down Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical fumes, gasses, vapors, and unpleasant odors.
Hydroxyl radicals (OH) do not harm people, plants or pets. They are safe to be in contact with sensitive materials, rubber, leather, plastic, electronics, artwork, and wet or damp items. Hydroxyl Radicals are as safe and as Green as you get.

Titan Cascade Effect

When Super Hydroxyl Radicals and Super Hydro Peroxides are generated and dispersed by Titan’s large volume internal fans the super reactive molecules fill the contaminated area and rapidly decontaminate the air and surfaces of materials. Super high levels of Super Hydroxyl Radicals and Hydro Peroxides leave the Titan Hydroxyl Generator on a mission to decontaminate all air and surfaces in the treatment area.
This system does not require any contaminates within the treatment area to pass directly though the processing chamber. Additional humidity in low humidity environments such as fire jobs, airconditioned environments, desert climates, or during extremely cold weather is the only element necessary to produce Hydroxyl Radicals.
By including an additional water source to the intake of Titan, this insures there is sufficient H2O to generate cascading Hydroxyl Radicals as well as Hydro Peroxides throughout the treatment area. The cascading effect is caused by Titan using the entire water molecule to create multiple Hydroxyl Radicals that are partially generated outside of the processing chamber. The Hydroxyl Radicals that are decontaminating outside of the equipment are being produced by free- floating Hydrogen Atoms and free-floating Oxygen Atoms that are left over after breaking water molecules apart from the Photocatalytic process and from OH molecules reacting with pollutants and disassociating. Hydroxyl Radicals on the opposite side of the treatment area are not the same molecules that were created in the processing chamber.

Titan Hydroxyl Chamber

High humid ambient air is passed by Titanium dioxide (TIO2) coated 365-385nm UVA optics to be converted into super hydroxyls and hydro peroxides. The UVA optics reflecting off Titanium Dioxide TIO2 generates the process Photocatalytic Oxidation. During this process a hydrogen atom is separated from the water molecule leaving a hydroxyl radical (OH) as well as a hydrogen (H) atom that outside of the processing chamber bonds with remaining oxygen atoms to cascade into a second hydroxyl radical for increased decontamination.
The proprietary quartz crystal optics reflecting off the TIO2 combine to destroy germs, bacteria, viruses, as well as microorganisms. Once the (OH) and hydro peroxides have decontaminated the contaminants the (OH) naturally converts back into hydrogen and water. This process is naturally generated outside by the sun shining through clouds as well as water vapor on a beautiful sunny day.

Green Technology

There are many ways to describe Green technology. Many companies suggest their products are green in nature. When referring to Green technology, International Ozone is by far the leader in the Hydroxyl Generator industry.
Green technology should be thought as natural, safe, and pure. Just like the Sun and water vapor combine in nature to create hydroxyl radicals, Titan uses the same process just indoors to purify the air. Titan technology is the same process that is used in the International space station and US Space shuttle program to purify the air for the NASA astronauts. By using 365-385 nanometer wavelength lamps combines with Titanium dioxide, the process photocatalytic oxidation produces hydroxyl radicals as well as super hydro peroxides.
This technology is super-efficient by using very little energy to decontaminate and clean the world’s strongest pollutants, bacteria’s, and viruses.

Patented Titan Technology

Titan photocatalytic 365-385 nanometer lamps with Titanium dioxide catalyst is the only true patented hydroxyl process that makes hydroxyl radicals without producing high amounts of ozone.
International Ozone uses independent lab testing to prove that Titan technology 365-385 nanometer with catalyst creates high levels of hydroxyl radicals while eliminating severe toxins such as VOCs, smoke, nicotine odors, and mold. Everyday Titan technology is used in new applications to improve the living conditions for people, pets, and farm animals in a safe green way.
There are very deceiving companies claiming to create hydroxyl radicals by using 185-254 nanometer duel frequency lamps that produce ozone. These machines are nothing but overpriced ozone generators. Ozone should only be used in unoccupied areas due to ozone being and upper respiratory irritant. These fake hydroxyl generators that produce high levels of ozone and are classified by California air and research board (CARB) as ozone generators should be used with extreme caution and only in unoccupied areas.
International Ozone also uses independent labs to test for high amounts of ozone in false hydroxyl generators that use the 184-254 nanometer lamps with no catalyst. Underwriters laboratory as well as California Air and Research Board (CARB) have classified all false hydroxyl generators as potentially dangers ozone generators due to the manufacturers false claims of no ozone.

Hydroxyl Generator- 365-385 nanometer UVA lamp with Titanium Dioxide Catalyst.
Ozone Generator- 185-254 nanometer duel frequency UVC lamp with no catalyst.

ETL Tested

Titan Hydroxyl Generators are all tested by ETL to USA (UL) and Canadian CSA standards for electrical safety. The safety and quality from the independent testing is provided to assure Titan meets the standards and safety for all applications and intended uses.
Titan technology generates no ozone, chemicals or harmful byproducts while creating clean green Hydroxyl Radicals and Super Hydro Peroxides. Titan brings earths naturally sanitizing phenomenon that have been generated by the Sun for billions of years to indoor occupied areas.
Titan’s photocatalytic process is 100% safe for people, pets, plants and all materials. When using Titan technology you now have the safe assurance of clean non-contaminated air quality. You can now experience natures own cleaning processes in your own indoor environment.

Ethylene Titan Technology

Ethylene is a natural plant hormone that most fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants produce that will affect the growth, ripening, and development of the plant itself. Internal combustion engines using diesel and propane also produce very high amounts of damaging levels of ethylene.
When ethylene is produced by the plant, hydroxyl and ozone as well as other oxidizing gases will slow the aging signal therefore preventing cumulative ethylene gas from affecting and cross contamination other products. Controlling ethylene gas after harvest will dramatically extend the lifecycle of the fruit, flower, or other plant commodity. This will allow the commodity to be held for a much greater amount of time. By introducing Hydroxyl Radicals or Ozone to an unopened rose you will prevent the rose from opening until you remove the oxidizing gas.

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