Hydroxyl Generator Applications


Many agricultural applications begin with a very severe repulsive odor. Hydroxyl radicals are the answer to any agricultural odor. Soon after a hydroxyl generator system is installed there will be a very noticeable difference in air quality and odor reduction throughout the plant.

  • Improve as well as extend plant and animal life
  • Eliminate harmful contaminates
  • Produce no harmful materials or byproducts
  • Very low operating and maintenance costs

Hydroxyl radicals do not require additional chemicals or costly disposal of contaminated odor absorption media. Titan Hydroxyl systems are 100% safe for humans, animals, rubber, vinyl, plastics, sensitive electronics and all other materials. All Titan Hydroxyl Generators are designed to be operated in occupied areas. Custom applications can be easily installed or retrofitted into existing structures. Titan Hydroxyl Radical generators eliminate odors and VOCs such as Butyric acid, sulfur Dioxide (S02) Dimethyl sulfide, Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Alcohols, Carboxylic Acids, Acrylates, Mercaptans, Phenols, Chlorine, Amines, Ammonia and many more.

Commercial Government

International Ozone using Titan technology, we on earth can clean and sterilize all commercial indoor air quality no mater the size or level of contamination. Many government agencies including the EPA blame two causes of Sick building syndrome. Older poorly ventilated buildings that do not allow proper air flow throughout the entire area can spawn vicious bacteria’s and viruses that will greatly affect the air quality for customers as well as employees. The second, poorly maintained ventilation systems the actually hold pathogens and recirculate contaminated air reputedly throughout the structure with unintended consequences. Leaving these issues unattended to without using Titan Hydroxyl systems will only create more unintended air quality problems and sickness.
There are many factors that result in slowing of employee production. Air quality and sicknesses should not be one of them. The last thing an employer wants are sick or absent employees. When a commercial company has employees not healthy, production can be severly effected. Sick or unhealthy employees caused by low air quality can cause low productivity, subpar job satisfaction or even high employee turnover rates.
These companies could use Titan hydroxyl generators that produce no ozone, but very high levels of hydroxyl radicals to clean and decontaminate the air. Once Titan hydroxyl generators are strategically placed in the workplace, will rapidly improve air quality which will intern increase workplace persona as well as production.

Disaster Restoration

Titan Hydroxyl Generators create no ozone while processing hydroxyl radicals and hydro peroxides that will effectively remove fire caused odors, nicotine odors, sewage backups, water damage, biohazard and unintended animal odors.
Titan Hydroxyl Generators were designed to quickly eliminate odor issues found on all disaster restoration jobs to make restoration contractors much more efficient, competitive and profitable. Titan 4000 Xactimate line code (CLNDODHY $225 daily) is used by contractors and insurance adjusters to increase profits for the contractor, as well as lower amounts paid out by insurance companies by being able to keep the homeowners in their own homes throughout most jobs.
By using Titan hydroxyl Generators, contractors can eliminate Additional Living Expenses (ALE) as well as keep the homeowner stress level lower by keeping them in their own bed at night. If you have ever had to stay with a family member or a hotel with your whole family including pets because of work being done at your home you already know how this impedes everyday life.
Titan Success

  • Fire restoration including severe protein, soot and plastic odors
  • Water Damage Restoration including sewer backups
  • Mold Remediation, while killing all existing mycotoxins
  • Odor removal due to pets, pet feces, or deceased animal remains
  • Trauma Scene and Biohazard, odor removal, virus, bacteria removal
  • Sensitive material and vintage object deodorization
  • Great on all severe odors, severe bacteria’s, and dangerous viruses

Hospitality & Travel

Titan Hydroxyl Generator systems will greatly affect sales, returning customers, and staff efficiency.
Research has proven that by improving the indoor air quality in any hospitality location there is an increase in revenue due to more foot traffic from having a very comfortable atmosphere.
Titan Hydroxyl Systems utilize super green technology for quick permanent solutions to fight against poor indoor air quality. Titan Technology is designed to eradicate bacteria, mold, virus, VOCs, chemical off gassing, and harsh organic odors. This technology has helped many chemically sensitive and medically compromised people. Titan Hydroxyl Generators create very high amounts of Hydroxyl Radicals and Hydro Peroxides. There are no chemical or residual compounds created do to the True Green Technology of Titan. When using a Titan Hydroxyl Generator, the machine naturally uses humidity or (H 2 0) in the air for Hydroxyl Radical production. By lowering the humidity in the environment this creates a fresh, comfortable atmosphere that also lowers energy costs associated with Air Conditioning. Hospitality is a very unique challenge. When dealing with hospitality, many issues can arise due to many people, plants, and foods being in a confined location.

One of the greatest issues in hospitality air-quality is keeping viruses at bay. Titan Hydroxyl Technology goes airborne and eradicates the flue, colds, and
many other airborne transmittable viruses. Many times, in hospitality a building is designed for a maximum number of occupants but the ventilation system is not designed for the same amount. This causes severe issues with ventilation and can greatly increase the chances of airborne pathogens being transmitted in the premises. This can commonly be found in bars, casinos, as well as large hotels.

While a person will more frequently be in contact with many people in these confined locations, this greatly increases the risk of transmission of viruses such as the flu and colds. Air quality issues also include cooking, smoking of cigarettes and cigars containing nicotine, off gassing of materials like new carpet and paint as well as other issues, do to pests like birds, insects and small rodents. These factors can increase the pollutants and dramatically affect the air quality of any hospitality environment. Titan Hydroxyl Systems are the answer to all of these issues.


Titan Hydroxyl Systems are specially designed for custom solutions in the most contaminated industrial areas found. Titan Hydroxyl systems produce high volumes of hydroxyl radicals and super
Hydro Peroxides while no harmful by products or materials that would otherwise require disposal or treatment. Hydroxyl Generators do not require contaminated absorption media or filters as
well as zero chemicals to deodorize. Hydroxyl radicals are 100% safe for occupied areas containing humans, animals and plants. Unlike ozone, chemicals, and foggers, hydroxyl generators are safe on all materials including rubber, vinyl, plastic and sensitive electronics and materials.
Titan hydroxyl generators can easily be installed in existing plants as well as be designed in new construction. With a very limited area needed for installation these Hydroxyl systems are perfect for all size and spaced structures. Titan Hydroxyl Radical generators eliminate odors and VOCs such as Butyric acid, sulfur Dioxide (S02) Dimethyl sulfide, Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Alcohols, Carboxylic Acids, Acrylates, Mercaptans, Phenols, Chlorine, Amines, Ammonia and many more.

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